The Celebration

"Flint", said Cara, Flint's sister, "the ceremony is about to begin". Flint was a tall golden skinned man with brown hair pulled back into a pony tail wearing bison skin vest and pants. Flint walked out of the small hut featuring 3 small beds and a fireplace in the center. He walked down a dirt road to an open circle of earth full of people there to witness the rites placed upon a new prince. Flint squeezed trough the crowd to a set of stairs to what looked like a small stage. Flint's father ,King Luke, sat in the center on a throne of silver. Flint sat two seats away from his father. King Luke rose.Then a man from the crowd climbed to the stage and handed Flint's father a golden scepter with a ruby jewel placed on top. "My people we gather here today to celebrate the rite of passage of your new prince, my son Flint Kiniko". A roar of claps and whistles was heard from the crowd.