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You don't know Ben Hartzer
Friday, 28 January 2005
The story fo awesome
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Topic: School suxorz
So anyway in English we were supposed to finish this story about theis naked guy in the 1800's and his hopefully future mother in law is about to take off his laprobe (this thing you were in an old fashioned buggy) We were supposed to find a way to end the story so he could somehow not totally ruin his chances of marrying the ladies daughter and if she say him naked it was gameover.It ends like this

"Hey get the laprobe" (he has no pants on under it)

"I'll get it"

Then i start.

She lifted the laprobe to find him naked. So John Brown (the naked guy) tells her the whole story on how he lost his pants.

"The End" says John Brown.

"No that was the crappiest ending ever I don't think so" says someone (i don't care)

Then suddenly his cat who was sitting under the laprobe leaps out and scratches the mothers face a lot. (Bytheway the cat is alergic to the sun) The cat dies from sun allergy.

Then John Brown is forced to marry the mother not her daughter because he can only marry the woman his cat chooses.

"Meow Meow"
(The End)

PS The greatest grammer tool ever parenthesis because anything can go in there it doesn't have to be relevant to what you are writing about that's why the crap is in parenthesis.

PSS People should really make up a parenthesis sybol kinda like the quotation finger bendy thing maybe like a hook with each hand.

awesomed up by Ben the awesome at 8:46 PM EST
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