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The Des Moines Iowa League of Awesome And Nubs!!

 Ben : Probably the greatest point giver of all time except for B
        Master of : Shotgun

      Jaymikk: In the top 2 in the LOA
        Master of : Sniper Rifle

      Mark: Overall one of the best Halo players ever in top 2 of LOA
        Master of : Pistol
      Colin: One of the nuttiest Halo players of all time
        Master of : Yelling at his teammates

      Tony: Has only one weapon in hand at all time pistol
        Master of : Mameing Colin over and over

     Dan: Greatest shotgun user of all time 
        Master of : Long Range Shotty Headshots (damn those headshots)

Serious Nubs

Marty Muller: Most trash talking nub of all time except for B Master of: Crying when beaten B: Gets served everyday in life with the fact that he is'nt as good as he thinks he is! Master of: Being served by God for thinking he is one (Served Bitch!!!)